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Neha Sahu 2Western history of teacher training, education history, teaching theories, education of teachers, modern history od education, began in early 18th century Germany: teaching seminaries educating teachers were the first formal teacher training in Western history of education and teaching.

(History of education had 2nd century-BC Greek Spartan free public education, Athenian Academy until age 18 and higher Academy and Lyceum; Roman private formal schooling in tiers; China’s 1st century-BC administrator examinations; 1st century Jewish informal Cul’ Tura general education; Islam’s 9th century universities [madrasahs]; 16th century Aztec mandatory teen education; 18th century Russian nation-wide education, Poland’s Education Ministry, Chez ‘teacher of nations’ Comenius’s ‘Didactica Magna’ on universal education [compulsory, certified teachers, tests]; leading later Western history of education –17th century Scotland’s free education, 18th’s Norway’s mandatory literacy and  New Zealand’s standard education, 21st’s Europe’s Bologna process equalising educational qualifications.)

Teacher education and training, first teacher training college in French  history of education and history of teaching, Jean Babtiste de la Salle’s 18th century Brothers of the Christian schools, had non-clerical male teachers teaching poor and middle class children. Based on Greek philosophers’ philosophy of education and teaching, re-introduced by Islam, spirituality was not its only reason, basis of education. Teacher education and training had been clerical –this was Western history of education’s first secular teacher training college.

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Kids school in India: Imparting Knowledge and education

india_kids_schoolThere is no doubt that education is the foundation of your child. From the time when a child is born, in some or other ways, the learning process starts. However, the biggest dream of a parent is to get their children entitled in the best kids school in India. Certainly, the career of a children in future depends on the school that you choose. Therefore, it becomes very important that you only select the school which is certified, well-reputed, possess best infrastructure and excellent teaching staff including stimulating learning environment. There are a number of factors that you need to bother upon at the time of making right choice of the kids school in your area.

Indeed, selecting a school that meets all criteria is no less than a tedious and daunting task for the people. In fact the whole process of getting your children enrolled in a school has now become a tormenting and painstaking task. Most of the schools have poised several guidelines that need to be met by the parents before they get their children enrolled in the best Nursery school in India.

Therefore, parents have to put in a lot of efforts nowadays to get their children enrolled in the best school. It is truly very important factor for the parents to make sure that their children get the best learning environment. There are many cities where some of the best nursery schools are being operated, but in Delhi, you can easily find out the one that better match up with your demands and preferences. This city is the home of some of the best nursery schools in Delhi. Therefore, you first have to make sure that you choose the one that finally provide you the learning environment.

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Why The Education Industry Should Use A Document Management Software?

1_document-management-open-sourceThe education industry is one of the most booming industries of all time. No matter whether you own a school or you are responsible for managing the administrative aspects of a college, you must have a clear idea about the huge amount of documents to manage at any school, college or university. Whether it’s the question and answer papers of students, research papers of senior students, accounting information or the employee records, there are literally thousands of paper files to control. Organizing all these documents manually not only sounds like a nightmare, but it may also lead to severe complications. For instance, what if you lose a vital set of question papers just before the exams are to begin? It would be nearly impossible to approach the teachers to design new papers and get those printed all over again.

In order to avoid a chaotic situation like this, professionals prefer using digital solutions these days. With the ongoing usage of advanced technologies, school, college and university admins prefer to get things handled in a more organized way, with the help of electronic solutions, if needed. This is where using a document management software seems to be a feasible solution.

One of the most important features of managing documents in the education industry is that most of the documents need to be stored and managed till a certain period of time. When attempted manually, this may seem to be a daunting task for all these institutions. No matter how many staffs you have for managing the entire process, there are high chances that some of these documents get lost or fall into the hands of people, who are not supposed to access these.

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The Characteristics and Impact of African Traditional Education

ddSome European scholars have doubted the authenticity of African traditional education. They assert that before the coming of the Europeans to Africa there was no education in Africa, the culture which is the main tenet of African Traditional Education is often portrayed as primitive and incapable of yielding a tangible framework of theories and philosophy that can guide a reasonable educational practice.

There is a calculated move by modern education that threatens to cause a virtual extinction of the indigenous education in Africa. This threat is of great magnitude, especially when our own youth are persuaded to see no value in African culture and education. As early as 1970’s, a survey study among Kenyan and Tanzanian secondary students revealed that only a small percentage attached value to African education and culture. They absolutely see no need in preserving traditions and customs. (Prewitt, K, 1977).

These findings suggest that many people are still myopic about the characteristics and impact of African traditional education on modern civilization. It may not even be considered as a reliable means for tangible progress and development in Africa and other continents. It is no wonder, every technological and medicinal discoveries in Africa arouses much international debate and final dismissal if not patented by the westerners.

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