Learn French And Meet 265 Million New Friends

54There are more French speakers than you might think. At the last count, some 265 million people in different countries in the world spoke French. As there are “only” 60 million people in France, that leaves a lot of other people to be accounted for.

Let’s start with the neighbors. Both Belgium and Switzerland have sizable French-speaking populations, naturally enough located in those parts of the country that are closest to the border with France. Apart from small differences in certain words and intonations, the French spoken in these countries is the same as that which is spoken in France.

Moving a little further a field, many parts of Africa are also French speaking. In terms of surface area, practically half of this large continent is concerned, which is not surprising when you look at the list of countries such as Tunisia, Algeria, Morocco, Senegal, Madagascar and so on. For many of these countries, French arrived with the French colonialists in the same way that English gained such a firm foothold in India.

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10 Good Reasons to Be Associated With the French Language

53French is the popular name for the people of France and as they refer to it as ‘La Langue Francaise’. It is a romance language belonging to the Indo-European family of languages. It bears resemblance to Italian, Spanish, Romanian and Catalan.

A French speaking person or country may be referred to as a Francophone. French is the second-most widely language after English that is and is the official language of 29 countries. Apart from France it is spoken in Switzerland, Belgium, Monaco and part of Canada such as Ontario and Quebec. Many African countries such as Congo, Djibouti and Ivory Coast use French as a first language.

Not known to many, here are a few interesting facts about French.

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Shed Your Inhibitions And Take French Language Lessons

52For learning any language, the first thing you should do is to liberate yourself from your inhibitions. It applies to learning French also. As you have been rightly led to believe by others, French is one of the easiest languages to learn. It is spoken in many other countries apart from France. Attending courses that teach French language lessons is one way of learning it. But you have other ways also like purchasing a software that teaches you the language. You also have tapes and CDs that may guide you in pronouncing the words the way they are spoken by French people so that you can converse with them in French confidently.

Though engaging a tutor for learning may give you the best results, the proposition may prove to be an expensive affair. But since you have the computer technology that can help you in every field, you can use the appropriate software to learn the language yourself including how to speak it. You can pronounce the words into the microphone that has been provided for that purpose and you will be corrected if you commit a mistake in pronunciation. Gradually, you can learn more and more words.

When you start your French language lessons, you should bear in mind that you can not learn it overnight. You will see improvement if you put forth your efforts earnestly. You can start with short words and gradually go up the ladder to much bigger words. French language experts opine that you should start learning French numbers first.

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Taking a French Course – Things You Should Know Before Taking a French Course

51Due to its widespread use, the ability to speak the French language is becoming a necessity for businessmen and travelers alike. Spoken by 700 million people worldwide on every continent with the exceptions of Antarctica and Australia, it is considered to be one of the major international languages. If you are interested in taking a French course, you must first decide the dialect that you wish to learn.

While standard French is the dialect that is spoken officially in the country of France, a variety of other dialects are spoken in various parts of France as well as in other French-speaking countries across the globe. If you are planning to take a French course for business purposes, you should do some research to discover the dialect that is spoken in the area that you are planning to do business with. If you wish to study French for your personal enjoyment, standard French is probably the best dialect to learn.

Once you have decided the dialect that you wish to study, there are several types of French course studies. There is the college French course, which are expensive and may not fit into your busy schedule. If you want to study a specific dialect, these institutions may also not offer courses in the dialect that you want.

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